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It circulates with machine a lot of cubic, it has air and the freshness of new person that searches his life, studied and finished with excellently Polytechnic Colleges in Thessalonica in the department of computers, returned in Komotini where it decided it keeps the traditional enterprise of family xekoyrazontas his father. The reason for Hasan Chasan the kompioytera that daily produces hundreds kilos soytzoyk loykoym with destination all Greece.
The turkish delight as process has his own concealed recipe, so that is soft in his sweet flavour, a charming sweet with walnut, with glucose must with faint sugar or indokarydo and all variants the himself knows. Each day is produced fresh and the laboratory moschobola from the presence matzoynioy, while in kolones it freezes afterwards and is stabilised in the natural environment front it takes the agoysa for consumption.

The delivery of family begins from the father of Mehmet Chasan, in 1958 in age of 15 years then that learns the art of confectioner-loykomopoioy.
“That season” says the pensioner today Mehmet Chasan, “did not exist big demand for turkish delights. I learned the art worker in confectioneries of Komotini with other sweets of season, between which also that of Fechmi. Later in 1970 I opened my own confectionery, but because soytzoyk loykoym it began to have demand I left the pastry making and I began to make only turkish delights”.
What makes soytzoyk loykoym differ from the other, explains Mehmet Chasan, is passed in spagko walnuts that has in the interior his and naturally form that resembles with soytzoyki that is to say big sausage. In order to eats him no one it will be supposed first him it cuts.
“The materials that we use are sugar, glucose, nisestes, water and walnuts, and natural the technique. The secret is in the technique, but this cannot describe to you him”, adds Mehmet Chasan.
The bigger turkish delight that it prepared was one and a half metre was not possible to become because it did not keep him spagkos as it will say.
In his laboratory the alone innovation is the spotless space and the presence of computer that in the screen appears scenes from the phases Friday of turkish delight. At the same time it proposes in the customers home made siropiasta sweets and biscuits fresh while his packed turkish delights leave for the all confectioneries of Thrace but also in his fanatic customers.
Hasan Chasan, even if it studied computer scientist, preferred, he deals with the enterprise of his father.
“I learned how are made the turkish delights from very small, while the summertimes worked in the laboratory of my father. Soytzoyk loykoym they always made him in Komotini, I do not know from when, but my father improved the recipe. When it came out in the syntax in 2004 undertook I the enterprise and with the same recipe make and today soytzoyk loykoym and we allocate him in all Greece”, says Hasan Chasan.
Customers that wait for him exist in Rhodes, in Crete, in Ioanninas in Athens everywhere. Komotini remains the city of turkish delight, as Serres it is the city akane, or Syros with her famed turkish delights. Of course it is also the city siropiaston, the cream-filed pastry of moschobolistoy coffee, the chick peas in the bigger variety that exists in them however will be reported shortly
Soytzoyk loykoym it is a savory sfichtodemeno elongated big turkish delight that contains sugar, glucose, niseste, water and walnuts (tied up in spagko). It comes out in various perfumes (eg rose, must, carnation, cinnamon, bergamot, etc). Soytzoyk loykoym schematically resembles with sausage. His adhesive mixture refers in lava. The walnuts that contain are afrodisiaki food. As sweetening substance it can assist the lack zacharoy that can to feel somebody.